About Indexing


What is book indexing?

Indexing is basically content analysis and the process of creating a tool for content access. Yes, humans actually read and analyze text to create indexes for books and other texts.

Does my book need an index?

 If you are producing a nonfiction work, the short answer is yes. Indexes help readers find information and influence purchase decisions by consumers and libraries. A good index will enhance your book by providing a map to its content.

Why use professional indexing services?

Professional indexers are well-versed in standard indexing practices and the characteristics of a good index. We produce quality indexes that meet readers’ needs and publishers’ guidelines while you do what you do best—write, edit, layout, and market. We work quickly and meet deadlines!

Why index an ebook?

Any work, whether print or electronic, can benefit from a good index. An index is a tool for information access based on content analysis. Unlike search engines, which present results based on patterns, indexes present terms based on concepts, subtopics, and their relationships. For more information, read the Executive Summary: Indexes in ebooks  provided by ASI's Digital Trends Task Force. You can also see a BNA study, Using Online Indexes. (Both documents are distributed with permission.)

Ask me about indexing

Whether you need to hire an indexer, have an index evaluated, or have questions about the indexing profession, I can answer your questions and provide solutions. Just ask! 

Additional resources

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