The Accidental Indexer


Book Summary

 With The Accidental Indexer,  Nan Badgett has written the definitive guide to the indexing profession.  Badgett presents a clear-eyed overview of the field, describes a range  of specialties, shares insights from her  fellow “accidental” indexers, and offers a wealth of savvy advice on  starting and running a freelance indexing business. You’ll find  strategies for staying on deadline, maintaining work–life balance,  collaborating and subcontracting, and creating new work opportunities.  In addition, Badgett recommends important resources—and provides useful  forms and checklists—on such topics as training and professional  development, promoting your services, managing multiple projects,  contracting with clients, and ensuring index quality.


 "An enlightening, A-to-Z look at what  indexing involves—including the tools of the trade, the many technical  and lifestyle challenges indexers face, and what it takes to become a  successful indexer.”    

—William Keenan Jr., Editorial Freelancers Association

“A  wonderfully informative overview of the rigors and rewards of the  indexing profession and of the independent, intelligent people who  practice it.”     

—Charlee Trantino, Wilson Award Winner for Excellence in Indexing, and Past President, American Society for Indexing

“All  new indexers should have two books on their shelf: Mulvany’s and  Badgett’s. That dynamic combination covers all the basics of how to  index and how to begin an indexing career.”    

 —Kari Kells, indexing instructor and co-author, Inside Indexing